Who is Luka Modric?

Luka Modric is a soccer (football) player who was born in Zadar on September 9th, 1985. He currently plays for the Real Madrid, in the Spanish League, and for the Croatian national team. Luka Modric is perhaps best known for his excellence in the skills of acceleration, passing range, and fantastic technique while playing. As Croatia managed to qualify for soccer world cup 2014, we will be able to enjoy watching him play there.

Luka Modric Croatia

Luka Modric did not start out at the top. While he is a star today, his life was far from easy as a youngster. However, he persevered, showing that with hard work and natural skill, one can achieve anything. His childhood coincided with the Croatian War for Independence. At the age of six, he was forced to flee because of the war and lost his grandfather to it. While his father was still in the army, his family used all the money they had to enroll him in the sporting academy at Zadar. After he worked hard and showed a lot of progress playing for a hometown club youth team in Zadar, he signed a contract with Dinamo Zagreb to begin his professional career. At this time, he was 17 years old.

His career started out with stints in the Zrinjski Mostar and Inter Zapresic. While he played for Dinamo Zagreb, they actually won several league titles and a few domestic cups. Modric was named player of the year in 2007, a testament to the fruition of his hard work as a soccer midfielder.

In April of 2008, Modric agreed to the terms of the Tottenham Hotspur, where he set out as a deep lying playmaker where he played in central midfield. But this position did not allow him to influence the outcome of many games, and his talent was considered wasted in this position. To make matters worse for his first year with the Spurs, he suffered a knee injury. However, after appointing Harry Redknapp as the new manager of the Spurs, Tottenham saw a much more effective Modric as he was in a more attack-oriented position where he was familiar. He even went farther than this later on to become a second striker, gaining himself an even more attack-oriented role. And it seemed to help, because not only were these his best positions, but they were positions that the Spurs had suffered with in previous years.

As of later days, Luka Modric has put on some very inspirational performances, the most notable of these taking place against Hull City, Stoke, and the perhaps most famous match taking place against Chelsea where the Spurs took home the victory.

On the 29th of August, Modric was taken off of active duty as a player because of a broken leg. He was scheduled to return on November 22 for the game against Wigan. With the start of the 09-10 season, it looks like Modric is going to have a good year, despite his injury. Everyone he works with says that he trains like a demon, and that any team would be glad to have him. He is most definitely an asset to his team, and is probably looking at one of the most successful careers in soccer history.

Luka Modric joined Real Madrid back in 2012 and is currently in a great forum. We hope to see him at this level for the rest of 2014.